DATE           ITINERARY   TIME
16.01.2023   Departure from Madurai Jn. at 19.00 hrs
    Arrival Dindigul Jn. at 20.30 hrs
    Departure from Dindigul Jn. at 20.35 hrs
    Arrival Karur at 22.00 hrs
    Departure from Karur at 22.05 hrs
17.01.2023   Arrival Erode Jn. at 00.05 hrs
    Departure from Erode Jn. at 00.10 hrs
    Arrival Salem Jn. at 01.10 hrs
    Departure from Salem Jn. at 01.15 hrs
    Arrival Jolarpettai at 04.00 hrs
    Departure from Jolarpettai at 04.05 hrs
    Arrival Katpadi Jn. at  06.05 hrs
    Departure from Katpadi Jn. at 06.10 hrs
    Arrival Arakonam at 07.10 hrs
    Departure from Arakonam at 07.15 hrs
    Arrival Perambur at 09.00 hrs
    Departure from Perambur at 09.10 hrs
    Arrival Gudur Jn. at 11.10 hrs
    Departure from Gudur Jn. at 11.15 hrs
    Arrival Nellore at 12.00 hrs
    Departure from Nellore at 12.05 hrs
    Arrival Ongole at 14.05 hrs
    Departure from Ongole at 14.10 hrs
    Arrival Chirala at 15.10 hrs
    Departure from Chirala at 15.15 hrs
    Arrival Guntur Jn. at 16.45 hrs
    Depature from Guntur Jn. at 16.50 hrs
    Arrival Miryalaguda  18.50 hrs
    Departure from Miryalaguda at 18.55 hrs
    Arrival Secunderabad at 22.00 hrs
    Departure from Secunderabad at 22.05 hrs
      Train Journey
18.01.2023   Arrival Kazipet at 00. 30 hrs
    Departure from Kazipet at 00.35 hrs
      Train Journey
19.01.2023   Arrival Prayagraj Rambagh at 07.00 hrs
    Bathe in Triveni Sangam   
    Darshan of Alopi Devi (Shakthi Peeth) by walk   
    Board train from Prayagraj Rambagh at 17.00 hrs
    Arrival Varanasi at 21.00 hrs
      Night Stay
20.01.2023   Holy bath in the Ganges. Perform Rituals   
    Darshan of Kasi Viswanathar  , Darshan of Annapoorni   
    Darshan of Shree Visalakshi Mata Shakthi Peeth  
    Evening attend aarthi Darshan  
      Night Stay
21.01.2023   Board train from Varanasi at 05.00 hrs
    Arrival Gaya at 09.00 hrs
    Pinda Pradanam (Thai Amavasya )  
    Darshan of  Mangala Gauri (Shakthi Peeth)  
    Board train from Gaya at 21.00 hrs
      Train Journey
22.01.2023   Arrival Kamakhya at 21.00 hrs
      Night Stay
23.01.2023   Darshan of Kamakhya Devi (Shakthi Peeth)  
    Departure from Kamakhya at 19.00 hrs
      Train Journey
24.01.2023   Arrival Kolkata at 17.00 hrs
      Night Stay
25.01.2023   Darshan of Kalika Devi (Shakthi Peeth)   
    Kali ghat , Belur Math , Dakshineshwar   
    Board train from Kolkata at 20.00 hrs
      Train Journey
26.01.2023   Arrival Puri at 07.00 hrs
    Konark Sun Temple , Chandrabaga Beach   
    Darshan of Puri Jaganath Temple  
    Darshan of  Bimala Devi (Shakthi Peeth)  
    Board train from Puri at 23.45 hrs
      Train Journey
27.01.2023   Arrival Vijayawada Jn. at 14.00 hrs
    Arrival Chirala at 16.00 hrs
    Arrival Ongole at 17.00 hrs
    Arrival Nellore at 19.00 hrs
    Arrival Gudur Jn. at 20.00 hrs
    Arrival Perambur at 22.00 hrs
    Arrival Arakonam at 23.30 hrs
      Train Journey
28.01.2023   Arrival Katpadi Jn. at 00.30 hrs
    Arrival Jolarpet at 02.00 hrs
    Arrival Salem Jn. at 05.00 hrs
    Arrival Erode Jn. at 06.00 hrs
    Arrival Karur at 08.00 hrs
    Arrival Dindigul Jn. at 09.30 hrs
    Arrival Madurai Jn. at 11.00 hrs
NOTE: All the mentioned arrival and departure timings, route, signals are handled by Indian Railways. It can be changed at any Circumstances

What is included in the tour


AC Service : 


• 3 Tier AC Train ticket (Indian Railways has provided approximately 33% concession from the original Bharat Gaurav Train Fare to promote rail tourism)

• NAC Road Transfers and sightseeing 

• Dharamshala accommodation (Mattress will be provided at places of night stay) 

• Vegetarian Breakfast , Lunch, Dinner (Snacks and beverages while onboard only) 

• 1 litre water bottle x 1 per day 


SL Class Services : 


• Sleeper Class Train Ticket (Indian Railways has provided approximately 33% concession from the original Bharat Gaurav  Train Fare to promote rail tourism)

• NAC Road transfers and sight seeing 

• Dharamshala accommodation (Mattress will be provided at places of night stay) 

• Vegetarian Breakfast , Lunch, Dinner 

• 1 litre water bottle per day 




What is NOT included in the tour

Exclusion             :              


  • All Entrance Fee and entertainment Charges
  • Special Darshan Charges
  • and others not mentioned under inclusion


Pickup point
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India View on Map

ULA RAIL, this public - private partnership will flag off from Madurai the oldest living city in south to Varanasi western India on 16.01.2023. The Destination covered during this 13 days itinerary will be Prayag - Varanasi - Gaya - Kamakhya - Kolkata - Puri - Konark. Tourist can board from Madurai - Dindukal - Karur-Erode-Salem-Jolarpettai-Katpadi-Arakonam-Perambur-Gudur-Nellore-Ongole-Chirala-Guntur-Miryalaguda-Secundrabad-Kazipet

Salient Feature of ULA RAIL - 4 - 3AC coaches, 6-2SL coaches, 2 - Pantry Car, 2 SLR (One fitted with a generator for additional power supply to the pantry car. The additional generator would ensure unlimited South Indian meals onboard to all 888 tourists onboard. Known for their delicacies onboard Travel Times is all set to ensure hygienic meals onboard based on the meal plan. 

The flexible rates offered on ULA RAIL are designed based on the coach type, berth preferences, meal plan, accommodation type & ground transportation type. The Indian Railways & Travel Times are all set to welcome Yatris on board ULA RAIL for an unforgettable divine experience. 

12 Nights 13 Days 16 Jan and 16 Jan Madurai, Tamil Nadu